• Design Art


    Fashion and Textiles, Adornment.

    Orange Fish
  • Performing Art


    Dance, Theatre, Music, Opera.

    Sea Turtle
  • Heritage Arts


    Weaving, Carving, Canoe building, Navigation, Masi making, pottery..

    Red Coral
  • Visual Art


    Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Multi media, Installation, Printmaking.

    Coral Reef
  • Moving Image and New Media


    Film, Graphic, Animation, Illustration.

    Blue Fish


FAC Introduction


Fiji Arts Council (FAC) is a charitable organization established in 1964 as a coordinating body for the preservation, development, and promotion of art. The FAC is one of the three management agencies under the auspices of the Department of Culture, Heritage and Arts. The Fiji Arts Council is the national agency and catalyst for support, development and promotion of the arts and creative industries of Fiji.


Its Role is to develop a professional arts sector by:


  • Providing relevant and dynamic programmes to develop and support our artists and arts organizations.
  • Ensuring the Fiji Arts Councils positioning as a national arts agency, focused on advocacy advisory and arts sector support.
  • Influence policy and integrated nationwide programme
  • Ensure recognition and a high moral and economic value is placed on the arts
  • Creating an awareness and appreciation of the arts nationally and internationally.
  • Serving the arts sector as the national coordinating and implementing agency, linking and empowering a unified arts community.


Since its inception in 1964, the Fiji Arts Council (FAC) has been engaged in various activities to encourage and promote the works of our artists and craftspeople. Registered as a formal organization under the Charitable Trust Act the FAC receives a grant from the government as well as an annual service agreement.


The FAC coordinates national prgrammes and activities to develop and promote visual, performing and fine arts in addition to rational and contemporary craft. In expanding from its original role as a coordinating body for the presentations of overseas artists, the Council advocates for the preservation, revitalization and promotion of living heritage and arts in Fiji.


FAC plays a supportive role in organizing cultural components of national events including Fiji Day and cultural activities associated with international events. It coordinates Fiji's participation at regional and international festivals such as the Pacific Arts Festival, held every four years and the Melanesian Festival, first held in 1998 in the Solomon Islands.


The Council also maintains a database of local artists, craftspeople, cultural groups, musicians and dances to assist in their promotion and development.


As the primary Centre for the Arts in Fiji, one of the main activities of FAC remains networking and collaborating with regional and international organizations and institutions towards the promotion of the arts and artists from Fiji.


The Fiji Centre for the Arts is located at Procera House in Waimanu Road in Suva. It houses the administrative offices of FAC, an Art Gallery, the Conservation of Music, artists studios and outlets.

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